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CellCor™ is our First-in-Class MSC pipeline consist of serum-free defined and serum-free chemically defined products. CellCor™ provides an optimal environment for cell culture, contenting researchers with the best results and efficiency.  Get your therapies going with CellCor™


Global Competitiveness

We are developing synergistic technologies to spark global innovation in the rapidly expanding regenerative medicine market


Better, Faster, Efficient

After many years of research, Xcell successfully developed a better, faster, and more efficient chemically defined media. We will strive to do our best to provide cost-effective solutions that fulfills our customer’s needs.

  • 1stin-class

    Media Development
    Raw Material Database

  • 2X

    Culture Yield

  • 10Years

    Research Period

  • 1000


    Raw Material Database for Media Development


CellCor™ reduces global warming

CellCor™ prevents global warming by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Cow flatulence and belch produce large amounts of methane gas, contributing up to 15% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Methane has been shown to have 23 times more global warming potential than carbon dioxide per weight basis.

All CellCor™ products are serum-free, thus do not use bovine serum. Thus Xcell’s CellCor™ products reduce the number of cows used to produce bovine serum. Xcell Therapeutics is committed to eco-friendly and sustainability practices to betterment of the future.