• 01

    Generation Media

    • Development of true animal-origin free chemically defined media by replacement of recombinant proteins with small molecules
    • Development of chemically defined media for different cell types
      1) Dermal Papilla cells
      2) Keratinocytes
      3) NK/T cells
  • 02

    Selected MSCs

    • Acquire high purity MSCs by clonal selection method
    • Create next-generation platform of MSC clones with various characteristics
  • 03


    • Develop mass exosome cultivation platform utilizing our chemically defined media
    • Develop mass uniform exosome cultures through profiling and characterization
  • 04

    Automated Mass
    Cell Culture Platform

    • Secure safety, stability and economic feasibility data
    • Setting standards for next-generation cell therapy
    • Automated mass culturing of cells and exosomes
    • Develop core technology for 3D bio-printing and functional cosmetics

Next Generation Media

defined Media

Fully Chemically
Defined Media for MSCs

  • Replace recombinant proteins with small molecules
  • Truly animal origin-free
  • All compositions are chemically defined
  • Advancing media technology to the next level
  • Expected to be completed by year 2022

Dermal Papilla
Cell Culture Media

  • Developing media based on patented follicle growth materials
  • Serum-free defined media
  • Expected to be completed in the year 2020

Culture Media

  • Developing media specific for keratinocytes
  • Serum-free media
  • Co-developing with Company X
  • Expected to be completed in the first half of year 2020

NK cell/T Cell
Culture Media

  • Developing media by applying specific immune cell factors.
  • Initiated in October 2019
  • Expected to be completed in late 2021

Clonal Selected MSCs

  • Mesenchymal Stem Cell

  • Clonal Selection

    Single Cell

  • Mesenchymal Stem Cell

    Acquisition and research of homogeneous
    monoclonal stem cells using CellCor™.

Acquisition of High Purity Stem Cells

  • 01

    Stem cell library

    Establishment of a high-purity clonal stem cells library

  • 02

    Stem Cell Therapy

    Provide specific targeted high-purity stem cells for the development of stem cell therapy

Automated Mass Cell Culture Platform

  • MSC T175 Culture (+p2)

  • Bioreactor Expansion
    (+P3, 4 days)

  • Cell Characterization

  • MSC

  • Static Culture

  • 4days(~20 folds)

  • 3D printing

  • Research

  • Material

  • Exosome

MSC-derived Exosomes

  • MSC cultured
    with CellCor™

  • Mass Production

  • Cultured
    Media Separation

  • Exosome
    isolation using
    B company’s

  • Characterization
    and profiling