Cell Culture Media

Xcell Therapeutics develops media for cell culture in various areas of the bioindustry such as cell therapy, gene therapy, exosomes, organoids and bioreactors.
Xcell Therapeutics is an expert in culture media and develops culture media optimized for all areas of cell processing

Cosmetic Ingredient

Celluty by Xcell Therpeutics is a next-generation cosmetic ingredient based on biotechnology that focuses on practical effects rather than
superficial appearances like brand marks.
Celluty is a cosmetic ingredient based on stem cell culture media that acts directly on skin cells to promote the skin's ability to regenerate.
Celluty is not a cell culture medium per se, but a cosmeceutical to maximize efficacy and minimize risks based on cell culture medium technology.
Celluty acts directly on skin cells and skin stem cells to maximize skin whitening, moisturizing, anti-aging and skin regeneration functions.


Specigrab, Xcell Therapeutics' viral transport medium, aims to safely and firmly preserve virus, including COVID -19 virus,
to prevent deterioration of samples collected from patients for diagnostic testing.
An important role of the virus transport medium is its preservation function during transport to control the risk of infection of the virus and to ensure more
accurate examination during diagnostic testing.
As an expert manufacturer in media technology, Xcell Therapeutics' specigrab viral transport medium stands out for its long-term preservation ability and
flexibility in preservation in different environments


We also actively work with related organizations such as the Department of Food and Drug Safety to provide technical support for our products.
In addition, we are very accommodating to our customers when it comes to customized services and product development.