Scientific Support


  • Q About Cell Confluency

    1. Do not add or replace the media before the cell account for 75% of the culture flask
    2. Please sub-culture when the cell confluency reaches 75-85% of the culture flask
    3. When the cell confluency exceeds 85% of the culture flask, cell aggregation can occur due to overgrowth

  • Q Which cell types are applicable for CellCor™ CD MSC?

    Human derived Cells (Adipose, Bone Marrow, Warton Jelly, Umbilical Cord, iPSC, etc)

  • Q Does CellCor contains antibiotics?

    CellCor does not contain any antibiotics.

  • Q Do I need any other reagent besides CellCor?

    CellCor does not require any other supplement. However, in the case of antibiotics, the user needs to add it for a particular use.

  • Q What is the recommendable amount for the cell seeding?

    Since each type of cell requires a particular optimized amount for the seeding, please have it checked first.
    In general, we recommend 3,000~4,000 cell/cm2. (MSC)

  • Q How do I change the media from other media to CellCor when the cells have already been cultured in other media?

    Please follow the adaptation procedure in the provided protocol.
    Our protocol video is also available on the website or on Youtube.

  • Q How can I improve cell growth?

    On the 4th day from the culturing date, please replace or add it with new media.

  • Q Can the media be re-frozen and used later?

    In order to maintain the product’s performance quality, we do not recommend re-freezing the media.

  • Q How can I improve cell attachment?

    First of all, please check whether the adaptation procedure was implemented as to the provided protocol.
    If other detachment reagents such as Trypsin were used, please remove the reagent or the inhibitor completely.