Cell culture is considered to be the most important factor in the research, development, and production of cells processing in biotechnology industry.
Creating a cell culture environment with an optimized culture medium during the cell culture process is the most fundamental condition for successful cell processing. To meet these conditions for all the users, Xcell Therapeutics has developed a Serum-free defined Media and a Serum-Free Chemically Defined media, CellCor™. CellCor™, produced in a thorough strict quality control of GMP facilities, will achieve your cell culture more successfully.

In addition, Xcell Therapeutics has launched the viral transport medium (VTM) "specigrab" in 2020 by expanding the scope of technology.
The viral transport medium "specigrab" is a business item developed to support everyone's healthy life in response to the rapidly increasing market demand due to the COVID-19 pandemic