Xcell Therapeutics passes KOSDAQ technology preliminary listing in September


Xcell Therapeutics passes KOSDAQ technology preliminary listing in September 


"Entering the global market in earnest after listing on KOSDAQ" 



Xcell Therapeutics, a company specializing in culture media for cell and gene therapy (CGT), announced today that it has passed the technology assessment for a special listing on KOSDAQ.


The technology special listing system is a system that allows companies with excellent technology to apply for a preliminary listing review if they secure a certain grade or higher through the evaluation of a technology evaluation organization. For small-cap companies, the KOSDAQ Technology Special Listing requires a grade of A or higher from one of two specialized evaluation agencies designated by the Korea Exchange.


The company received a grade of A from the agency in an evaluation that spanned technology maturity, competitive advantage, technology development environment and infrastructure, and the level of commercialization of products and services.


"We are planning to file for pre-listing review in September as soon as the ongoing pre-IPO schedule is finalized," said a representative of Excelcerapharmaceuticals, "and we expect the review results by the end of the year."


Recently, with the rapid growth of the cell and gene therapy (CGT) market centered on cell genes, NK cells, and T cells, chemical composition media that ensures safety, stability, and economy have been highlighted as key materials, and Xcell Therapeutics, which developed the world's first serum-free chemically defined media, is attracting attention as a representative bio small, medium, and large company in Korea.


Currently, the company has launched MSC (Mesenchymal Stem Cell), DPC (Dermal Papilla Cell), Keratinocyte, and Exosome media to the market, and NK (Natural killer Cell) and T-cell media will be launched later this year.


Xcell Therapeutics  explained that all of its products are manufactured directly at its production plant in Yongin and are managed under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards.


Last month, the company was selected as the lead company for the 'Cell-based Artificial Blood (Platelet and Red Blood Cell) Manufacturing and Demonstration Platform Technology Development Project', a multi-ministry planning project, and was recognized for its technology in developing media for the advanced bio industry.


Xcell Therapeutics is also closely cooperating with companies leading the high-tech bio industry. It has already signed clinical media supply contracts and joint research and development agreements with a number of companies representing the domestic pharmaceutical industry, including listed companies.


"Although the domestic and international conditions surrounding the bio industry are not easy, we are pleased to be recognized for our competitive technology," said Lee Yi-il, CEO of Xcell Therapeutics. "As soon as we successfully complete our listing on KOSDAQ, we will strive to enhance our corporate value by entering overseas markets in earnest."


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