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Product Name CellCor™ CD MSC
Catalog YSP002
Size 500 mL
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Product Introduction
In order to grow optimal mesenchymal stem cells, it is important to select the right media that can affect cell characteristics as they should. CellCor™ CD MSC is composed of chemically defined components and is the most ideal product to control culture conditions.

CellCor™ CD MSC can be used to cultivate stably until the second half of the subculture and maintains stable stemness (differentiation and marker expression). In addition, it maintains low aging and high genetic stability of cells and is applicable for mesenchymal stem cells derived from various tissues (Adipose, Bone marrow, Cord blood, Wharton jelly, etc.), and is applicable to stem cell-derived exosomes production and research.
Product Chemically Defined (Recombinants / Synthetics)
Application Cell Culture and expansion
Cell Type Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells(hMSC)
Storage Under -20°C (The expiry date on label)
Supplement No supplement and coating reagent needed
Size 500mL (Custom packaging available)
Area For research and further manufacturing uses
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